Over 30 years of experience!

Over 30 years of experience!

We’ve been active on Warsaw real estate market almost since its beginning. The origins of our company dates back to 1983, when a group of architects, founded designing and implementing enterprise. Along with market evolution and economic transformations, our activity evolved in developer direction and in 1993, ECO-Classic was founded and has been  realizing this trend  since then. We realized over 120 objects in Poland and abroad, including 20 buildings over 3,000 apartments as a developer. Because we survived a whole range of periods, we can say that we have the experience in carrying out development activities.

Primarily quality

Whether we are creating an exclusive apartment or a housing complex in the segment of average market prices, there are few basic standards of our decisions:

  • Deliberate and attractive localization
  • High level architecture
  • Carefully designed and developed common parts
  • Functionally designed apartments
  • The highest precision in execution
  • And finally, legal and financial security of our clients.

Since the beginning of our activity, we are raising building with a deliberate, carefully designed architecture, using materials and technologies of the highest quality.

Primarily quality
Successful investment

Successful investment

Purchase of apartment could be very expensive. Buying premises in our investments, customers can be confident that they won’t lose. Thanks to the highest quality, a person, who wants to sell or rent the apartment will always find takers. In all our investments, we  have customers who  buy another apartments in our investments.

We are proud that our customers come back to us.

Professionals in every way

Eco Group’s value is primarily people – architects, engineers, economists, lawyers, traders… Summarizing, everyone, whose knowledge and experience contribute to our success. Since  the beginning, our company is being  created by visionaries – architects who are ready to design unconventional projects and, at the same time, inspire themselves by the best patterns.

Thanks to experience, knowledge and excellent personnel, ECO Group is fully prepared to handle complex project management. But what we like the most is to create better housing architecture for increasingly demanding customers.

Professionals in every way
Open to customer’s needs

Open to customer’s needs

In every single project, we are designing most desirable apartments. Listening to the needs of customers, we properly prepare projects, making our investments and housing respond to the expectations of our customers.

The investor of Trio housing complex is " Stawki 2A " Sp. o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at Bukowińska 24A. This is a special purpose company created by ECO-Classic to the realization of the investment project at Stawki 2A. 


„Stawki 2A” Spółka z o.o. 

Lacation: 02-703 Warszawa, ul. Bukowińska 24A.

P: (22) 380 11 11


Share capital: 14.550.000,- zł


Regon: 015783192

KRS 0000213280

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